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The Dual Enrollment Program is designed to be an acceleration mechanism for students desiring to earn both high school and college credit. The program is an excellent vehicle for students to gain college credit and experience while simultaneously completing requirements for high school. It is not uncommon for the typical dual enrollment student to earn several college credits by the time he/she graduates from their high school or home education program. To be considered for admission to the dual enrollment program, the student must submit a complete Dual Enrollment application (with applicable test scores) while meeting the FGC admission application deadlines.

Drayona Denson is just one of our many success stories. Not only was she LCCA's valedictorian, but she also graduated from FGC with her Associates Degree before completing her high school diploma! Many of our students are benefiting from having college tuition and fees waived through the dual enrollment program.

"Dual Enrollment is a stepping stone to help me get where I really want to be."  

- Sebastian

11th Grade 

"The dual enrollment program is a great opportunity for high school students.  It has made me into a more responsible and mature young adult. "  

- Devante

11th Grade

"I am extremely grateful for Dual Enrollment.  It is helping me to get a head-start in my future and how to be successful in my life."  

- Gracie

9th Grade

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