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We are here to assist with your enrollment, as well as help you get financial assistance, if necessary. There are a number of available sources for financial aid (click link below). You can check out the linked sites, call, or schedule a visit with our enrollment team.


Enrollment Team

Site Title

Tana Norris  - Founder, Executive Director
Pete Beaulieu  - Pastor/Administration
Rhonda Ward  - Academic Advisor

Enrollment Procedures:


1.  A personal interview with a representative of Lake City Christian Acaddemy.
2.  A completed application, signed, dated, and notarized by a parent/guardian.
3.  A copy of a completed transcript.
4.  Either an award letter if  paying with a scholarship, or a deposit if private pay.

Lake City Christian Academy retains the privilege to make changes and amendments of the rules and policies of the school at any time with or without prior notice, as determined by the board,

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